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Electronic Report
We, as a publisher shall endeavour to our best ability to produce a weekly report on political and/or economic matters and/or policies relating to Malaysia and/or beyond. We will endeavour to publish and deliver the report within the first or second working day of every week. The weekly report will be in electronic form in PDF format and will be delivered by email to the registered subscriber(s). The delivery by email recorded as sent to the subscriber’s email shall be conclusive proof of delivery. The weekly reports will be compiled to a monthly report with the addition of the following features, which may be subject to change from time to time and at our discretion: policy paper; and political, consumer, and business survey results. All content, writings, articles, graphics, designs, data, survey results and all such other intellectual properties therein (unless specified as works of third parties) shall belong to us. You are not entitled to reproduce or to re-sell any of our intellectual property whatsoever. While we endeavour to produce the report to the best of our abilities, you shall not rely on any of its content as being accurate or representing the truth and that any reliance on the same shall be at your own risks and you hereby agree not to make any claims or demands whatsoever against us resulting in any reliance or usage of the content of our report. You are not entitled to transfer your subscription in any circumstances whatsoever. Your subscription and all benefits attached shall automatically terminate without notice if you should default in your subscription.

Additional Benefits
By supporting and subscribing to our report, you will be entitled to the following benefits subject to the following terms and conditions. Your subscription entitles you to a discount on our Bespoke Survey services and our multi-purpose hall INVOKE Space, subject to the service requested or usage being not illegal, not immoral, or unacceptable to us for whatsoever reason which decision shall be at our sole discretion.